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I-Flex Technologies. has been offering Document Scanning and Data Entry Services since 2007, and is located in Sanpada, Navi-Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. I-Flex Technologies has been formed with the motivated desire to reduce paper dependency, increase operational efficiency and support geographical mobility of information by providing digital imaging and document management services. This enable our clients to successfully unlock the true value of the information contained in the files.

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Expertise in Digital Imaging (Digitization) Services

Utilizing our Company e-software document conversion project methods and technology solutions, we can quickly convert information into digital assets for your employees to secure access and utilize. Using our deep experience, proven expertise and pragmatic approach, we can manage documents through their entire lifecycle and automated business workflows that are fully auditable. Our services are fully scalable so high volumes are not an issue – in fact, we can deal with millions of documents in a virtually seamless set of processes that have been proven in ‘real world’ customer scenarios. Many organizations rely on our services to run their business and trust us to deliver.
We enable enterprises to keep pace with business change, and indeed drive it. Whether you want to eliminate all paper based processes, or make a gradual conversion to electronic formats, our services can be tailor – made to meet your requirements.
I-Flex Technology adopts professional and mature process methodologies to ensure that customers get the best quality for the money invested.

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I-Flex Technology Process Management Expertise

Electronic Data Management System and Process for an Organization requires the following types of expertise:

  1. Scanning & Imaging Software Technology
  2. Digitization process expertise
  3. Scanning and domain knowledge
  4. Geographic reach and management expertise for centralized or decentralized scanning

Our organization uses a combination of all four above for a successful digitization project. The Corporate has certain mandatory and sometimes unstructured document types which require diverse treatment in terms of identification, processing and proper exports. The digitization process has to synchronize with the unique working condition of our clients, to ensure achievement of the business objectives in terms of turnaround time (“TAT”), process adherence, quality metrics, data integrity, peak period performance and other important parameters. This expertise comes only after working on several projects in this domain over a significant time and delivering sustained but consistent results.
Such domain knowledge and process efficiency helps I-Flex Technology to maximize the benefits of digital imaging for the customer. Also I-Flex Technology people have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in executing digitization projects across India.

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Quality Document Imaging and Scanning – Our Mission to You

Our company’s mission is to provide quality document scanning services and document solutions consulting for document intensive industries across the country. As a provider of these services, we will increase office productivity and storage costs along with ease of use and integration of technology. We have practical office experience in merging traditional business practice with electronic documents and record keeping.

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To provide high quality, useable document imaging solutions for paper intensive industries. We strive to provide services and solutions that will transform your documents from an expensive necessity to a leverage- creating tool for your company or firm. Our solutions result in improved case management efficiency, office productivity, reduced costs and increased revenues.