Data Entry Services

I-Flex Technologies offer a wide range of data entry solutions for various business needs. These services include data extraction, data manipulation, data processing, data conversion and much more services. We maintain high efficiency and accuracy in the data entry services that we offer. We offer end to end services in complete data entry process. We offer affordable price for different data entry services. There are mainly two types in data entry process.

Online data entry services: Outsourcing online data entry services has become more now days since I-Flex staffs can easily access the customer work through internet such as Travel booking, Event scheduling, webreasearch, customer support and much more services. If you give us your requirement we deliver the results in cost effective manner with quality process.

Offline data entry services : Offline data entry services is most commonly used by I-Flex companies in their regular process like customer send us the hard copy or raw files based on it we do the digital entry process such as Tax forms, legal forms, survey forms, Health care services and Financial services. You can ship your documents or mail us in electronic format so we provide accurate output files with quick turnaround.

Data Entry:

  • Text entry, which includes text, numeric and alpha numeric
  • Form filling
  • Payroll services
  • Questionnaires - samples and complete format
  • Surveys preparation and completion
  • Data sheets preparation
Data Processing:
  • Database related services - these include database creation, maintenance of database, updating and processing of database etc.
  • Formatting huge volumes of data
  • Extraction of data
  • Transformation of data from one format to required format.

Data manipulation:

  • Converting data from one format to any other format. For example, data in PDF format can be converted to Word document and vice versa, etc.
  • HTML, XML conversion - data from XML or HTML format can be converted to other formats
  • Data indexing and archiving
Data forms processing:
  • Survey forms filling
  • Medical claims forms filling
  • Pay roll data filling
  • Medical data sheets filling
  • Bank statements processing
  • Order sheets filling

I-Flex Technologies process will definitely be your outsourcing partner by providing cost effective outsourcing services to your business venture. We can also set up dedicated full time operators team to handle your regular process. Our team will be working remotely with onsite customer team with modern technologies. We continually work towards outsourcing process to increase performance , reliability and to deliver competitive services.

Set up your I-Flex Data entry team:

  • We hire experienced professionals related to your needs.
  • We train professionals on your process with your support.
  • We also setup process where you can also interact with team directly.
  • Execution of the pilot project as per the outsourcing process.
  • Setting up regular process and managing your business venture.

    Advantages of I-Flex data entry team:
  • Skilled resources at low cost.
  • Data security and client confidentiality.
  • Dedicated quality checking team for outputs.
  • No infratstrucre cost.
  • Excellent training facility and modern tools.

  • I-Flex process has capability to handle large volume works on regular basis and outsourcing data entry services to offshore process will be the right decision to increase your business profitability. We are ready to assist you at any time so please feel free to contact us at:ranjit@iflextechnologies.in